Cuyahoga Stories - a Dr. Fairchild mystery series set in the 1960s in Ohio;  formatting & design project for Ken Brownlee.

Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation ​a narrative non-fiction by author Margery Phelps


Boy, Man, Father - edit, proofreading and publishing work for Carl L. Route, Jr..

At First Sight - the story behind the MGM motion picture, Common Sense Medicine, Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation, Downline Dynamics, You don't have to be sick, healthy eating is good medicine, Mighty-Me and the rainbow plate, Halo's Glow, Cuyahoga Stories, Leaving church in a helicopter, Mr. andante, Dream a Dream, Charlie and Sally Bunny series, Jackie Zurawski, Margery Phelps, Janiece C Andrews MD, Madonna Brownlee, Ken Brownlee, Carl L Route Jr., Boy Man Father, responsible fatherhood, editing, proofreading, design, formatting, Robert A Nash MD, Crossing the Bridge from Life to Life, a reincarnation workbook

Mighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate - a story book for children about eating foods the color of the rainbow.

Here is a partial list of our work to date:

At First Sight - the story behind the MGM motion picture​contract writing job for Shirl & Barbara Jennings


Dream a Dream - publishing project for Book # 1 in the Charlie & Sally Bunny series by Jackie Zurawski.

Mr. Andante - Delightful characters bring musical terms to life and make it fun for children to learn basic descriptions of tempo; formatting & design project for Ken Brownlee.

   Cherokee Rose Publishing, LLC

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Downline Dynamics - how to build a happy, healthy downline - a design and publication project for Janiece C. Andrews, MD

Common Sense Medicine - a medical doctor's prescription for health care  contract ghost writing job for Robert A. Nash, MD

You don't have to be sick - healthy eating is good medicine - a collaboration of Margery Phelps and Janiece C. Andrews, MD

Leaving Church in a Helicopter - Weddings & Other Adventures of a Church Organist - an editing, proofreading and design project for author-organist Madonna Brownlee


Halo's Glow - a story book for children about food -- good foods fight the bad foods.  Guess who wins?