5 Common Self-Publishing Mistakes!

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Writer's Digest:


It's fun to put this on your books -- but it takes a lot of hard work to get it.

Newsletters/Blogs we like:


Our mission is to help writers!  We believe so much in what we are doing that we post good stuff from other indie publishers!  So here are some links to them as well as others we think you need.

So, you really want to be a writer?  Here's a super article for you:  http://authorkristenlamb.com/2018/03/author-success-actual-odds/

Protect your work!   Please register your copyright.  And don't fall for all those companies who will charge you a fortune to do it.  With a little time and a few dollars, you can do it yourself.    ​https://www.copyright.gov/registration/

We like Book Baby.  Check out all the good stuff they offer:


Want to publish?  Here's important info on publishing by our friends at Bulk Books:  


Book Publicity:  Sandra Beckwith offers a free book publicity and promotion e-zine at www.buildbookbuzz.com and teaches the
“Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz” e-course.

Internet Resources.  Here's a list of sites on the internet that you may find useful - we sure like them:

Writer Beware - probably the most important site you'll need because it has alerts for writers on agents, book doctors, vanity anthologies, copyrights, contests. (part of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America site).

World Factbook - this publication by the Central Intelligence Agency will give you everything you want to know about countries all over the world; good for ideas on fictional settings or non-fiction research.

Internet Public Library - sites for info on arts and humanities; although the site is no longer updated, it's still full of wonderful data.

Symbols - a huge collection of symbols arranged by category, country, religion, etc.

Virtual Reference Desk - the fact-checker for the internet

Library of Congress - catalogs and research materials

Roget's Thesaurus - who doesn't need this from time to time?

Cultural, historical and statistical reports - data on countries everywhere.

Bookwire - we buy our ISBNs from Bowker, and after your book is published, it will be listed on this site!!

Bartlett's Quotations - need a good quote?  Here's the place to find one.

Electronic Newsstand - Self-described as "the ultimate magazine site; they have "hot copy" news hightlights of the magazine business and "articles you don't want to miss this week."

The 10 Best Website Builders!

Here's a guide with in-depth review of the 10 most popular website builders for writers who want to showcase and market their work, but don't have a massive budget to get it built professionally.

This guide will show you which platform (all are beginner friendly) will best suit you so you can have a functioning website up and running within an hour!

Book Daily Author Resource Blog:


Be an EXPERT:  You've written a book and now you are an expert on your subject; so, register  with HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to connect with Journalists:


Get Reviews:  Book Daily offers these ideas to get reviews, which are so essential to sales.


Movies & Theater?   If you've got a great idea for a movie or tv series, you'll want to check out www.theaterseatstore.com/blog/writing-for-theater-film for lots of important information about writing for theater and film.

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Books Go Social.  Everything you need or want to know about social media marketing for your books.  Of course we love them - they are our Marketing Partner:


Creative Jobs:  If you are an English major, or in a related field, here's the link to some creative jobs you might want to look at Maryville University.

   Cherokee Rose Publishing, LLC

Marketing Ideas:  Good resources on marketing your book from the good folks at KDP Publishing.

You MUST have a Website and/or a Blog!

For an in-depth guide to help you set up and maintain your own website or blog, you can't beat this information:​  Make A Website Hub

Author/Writer Guilds & Associations:

​Author's Guild - the nation's largest society of published book authors and freelance writers

Writers Guild of America - information about agents.

Small Publishers, Authors and Writers Network - publishing resources and info on electronic self-publishing.

Publishing Law Center - Articles and links about intellectual property and legal issues.

Association of Authors' Representatives - List of AAR members, cannon of ethics, and questions for you to ask potential agents.

Romance Writers of America - a good site for recent market news or to promote your work.

Small Publishers, Authors, and Writers Network - publishing resources and info on self-publishing electronically.